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healing and the medicine wheel


Moving between the Lines: Shamanic skills for actors, creative artists and healers

Friday 2 June 6.30 - 9pm & Saturday 3 June 10.30 - 5.30pm

@ Ακάμαντος 30, Αθήνα 118 51

'To comprehend the visibility of the invisible is a life's work' - Peter Brook

In this introductory workshop we will explore shamanic techniques to shift our perceptual state into heightened awareness in order to begin to comprehend the visibility of the invisible, to make the invisible perceivable.

We will start by exploring the relationship between our physical body and the surrounding space, the invisible world of energy and what the shamans call the 'luminous energy field' or 'energy-body'.

We will play at this edge between visible and invisible worlds, between bodily sensing and subtle sensing of our energy-body, being seen and seeing, unfolding what we can perceive with breath, spontaneous movement, voice and stillness. This will take us into inner journeying, soul retrieval and a space for solo expression.

As we start to perceive the invisible the opaqueness of the everyday mind naturally falls away exposing whatever is left - presence, truth, transparency, charisma. 



Self reflection - self expression - self healing

Paddock Art Studios Lewes 4 November - 2 December 2022

Friday evenings 7 - 9 pm

We will explore in different media the relationship between the visible and invisible.


We will look at how we see ourselves and observe the difficulty of the eye -  I - to see itself. On the way we delve into soul retrieval, deepening stillness, dissolving the inner critic, and opening the great eagle wings that belong to our visionary seeing. 

'Your legs will get heavy and tired. Then comes a moment of feeling the wings you've grown, lifting' - Rumi

Sadness in joy, joy in sadness: Ecstasy

Athens 3 - 4 November 2017

Sadness is the bridge to love – Manuel Schoch


Probably most of us as healers are familiar with sadness as the most powerful healing emotion and are generally able to allow the heart opening that it brings us. However we still carry within us such deep wells of sadness – personally and globally, consciously and unconsciously - that it is hard to liberate our full healing vitality or true heart’s joy. Seeing what we see around us, seeing what we see within us, the suffering, the unlived potential, inevitably some sadness arises, even if we are constantly focusing on being ‘positive’. Manipulating our minds tends to bring a backlash as thankfully truth is more powerful than illusion! But realising sadness within joy brings liberation.


Whenever sadness becomes unconscious it tends to manifest as depression, anxiety, physical tension, frustration, hopelessness, judgements, addictions, aggression…. Whatever emotion is troubling us we can be sure that it is a symptom, not the root cause of our trouble. Its ultimate root is sadness.


Whenever we suppress our awareness of it or collapse into this underlying sadness we disconnect with a dynamic part of our own energy and soul force. Un-integrated sadness ultimately plays havoc with everything from our relationships to our health.


Naturally the mind tries to escape from it as sadness often seems synonymous with pain – when  we are not connected with Source. But as in homeopathy returning to the root of our symptoms we create true healing. At Source the sadness we have been resisting becomes paradoxically fresh energy, ecstasy, peace and inner strength. We start to recognise sadness as pure atmosphere of sacred presence, Christ-Buddha consciousness, Our true consciousness. 


Tuning into sadness with absolute stillness like all skills needs to be practiced, strengthened, renewed in order to gather ongoing lost awareness back to a zero balance where realisations can take us into further leaps of consciousness, and deeper heart presence. As healers we are – consciously or unconsciously – carriers of whatever sadness is around us. This can be heavy work! Whenever our inner journey feels blurred or stuck it is likely that sadness has caught us, then the path of liberation is to catch sadness! True seeing is all it takes, transformation happens by itself like magic.


The cure for pain is in the pain - Rumi


Internal Alchemy: Transforming Emotions into Liberated Energy, Power and Wisdom 


Athens 26 - 27 Feb 2016

AN EVENING MEDITATION exploring how we can transform emotions back to their source in pure energy. Through stabilising inner space we come to a new realisation of the choice point where feelings such as sadness, fear or even anger can be experienced at their root as expansion of consciousness, soul potential, rather than collapse into familiar conditioned reactions. Playfully yet attentively we are planting the seeds of our own freedom.

ONE DAY WORKSHOP working with specific patterns of emotions which tend to hijack our consciousness, whether through sudden outbursts like anger or through subtle long-term infiltration, like anxiety or hopelessness. In Tibetan Buddhism the emotions are viewed as the poisons binding us to Karmic repetition until they are transformed into the wisdom aspects of consciousness, the power of the 'Dakinis'.


We will practice simple but powerful techniques to liberate this wisdom energy from the conditioned emotional responses which hold us prisoner to an out-of-date, disempowered identity. Our feelings are the vibrant music of our soul, and once we discover how to access them at source as subtle energy our authentic passion and compassion can shine out in the transforming wisdom of who we truly are.


'I want to unfold, Let no place in me hold itself closed, For where I am closed I am false'. - Rilke 





Athens Plaka 30 - 31 October 2015 


Unforgetting: Liberating Heart Stillness, a one day workshop 



We will explore ways of assembling our perception to take us more effortlessly and deeply into stillness and to melt tightness and old pain from the heart. As we come closer to our heart stillness a different quality of inner presence emerges. The sacred potential that we are carrying, which our cultural and social hypnosis suppresses, can reveal itself more clearly. As we anchor this quality our light, which is often scattered and dull, returns to transparency and brightness. 


We will work with the energy-body through shamanic healing, including journeying and soul retrieval to reclaim this clarity of our light so that our natural charisma can shine out, our energy can flow with its authentic force and power and our physical body can rest in its innate ease.



Oikia Karapanou, Aegina, 2 - 6 October 2015 


Spirit Flight: Transitions and Journeying between the Worlds 


There is neither a this-world nor another-world, but only the great unity - Rilke 


The mystics say that to be truly alive we need to re-learn the ancient art of dying before we die. For shamans this is the initiation which takes us beyond fear and the limitations of the everyday mind. The dying process gives us a blueprint for letting go and moving on in every aspect of our lives. 


The ego can never step outside of time because it only exists in time! To meet the timeless Self means to surrender the controlling mind into stillness, desireless awareness. Why wait until we die at the end of our lives to discover who we truly are?! 


This workshop explores the dying process as a source of profound healing. The Spirit Flight journey creates a shift in consciousness, an out of body experience and entry into a different quality dimension. Many people who have had a literal 'near death experience' describe a similar state of being: a sense of oneness, bliss, love, peace. Our Soul wisdom is re-ignited by direct connection with Source. This is the treasure which lights up our lives. 


Once we have reconnected the luminous pathways of the mind between the worlds there is no more fear of the end of life. The root of fear dissolves into the source of light. 


'Use your own light and return to the source of light. This is called practicing eternity'  Lao Tse 



Lefefkada, Greece 14 - 21 June 2015 


The Heart of Transformation: Dynamic Stillness in Practice 



This retreat brings together practices of awakening Energy and Consciousness to create a fundamental shift in our way of being. We will be exploring Qigong, Stillness Meditation, spontaneous movement and Shamanic journeying in a stunning Greek island location in Lefkada. 


'Simply plunging directly into the moment now, with our whole being, free from hesitation, boredom or excitement, IS enlightenment' Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche



Through the practice of Qigong we create inner space and reclaim the childlike natural ease of our bodies. In the process we clear stagnant energy from the heart and from wherever it manifests as mis-information in the body to rediscover our innate capacity for self-healing and well-being. In this way we retrain ourselves to engage with the world from a rooted realisation of the power of our dynamic luminous body.


We will practice shamanic journeying to clear our energy field of imprints of old trauma, shock and soul fragmentation so our full wisdom potential can carry us in a new direction beyond the limitations we have learnt to live with, which we call everyday mind. 


Through open-eye meditation we will stabilise our capacity for effortless stillness. In this dynamic stillness we can experience ourselves as direct perceiving presence, free from our mind's commentary which fixes us in pain and worry. In stillness of mind and heart we learn to transform fear, attachment and other emotions into pure power of presence before they show up as physical and mental tension, so we can dissolve psychosomatic symptoms, lighten the burdens on our body and mind and uplift our relationships.


The Heart is the centre of all our practice, the doorway between self and greater Self, that vast Unknown, into which we dive to retrieve our undiscovered treasure. This dive takes us on a creative and mysterious journey where a profound inner transformation can take place at the root of our being. 


Through mastering these precious skills we can realise and maintain our true inner freedom at all times. 



Athens, 30 - 31 May 2015 @ Tune In, Poliklitou 1 (Vissis), Monastiraki 


Eagle wisdom: ruthless seeing at the root of forgiveness 




Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you - Jean-Paul Sartre  
Now that my heart is open it can't be closed or broken - Lhasa


Wherever there is lack of forgiveness there is soul loss and fragmentation of energy and of consciousness. We identify with a fragment of our experience and thus we create conflict, repetition, history, karma. Forgiveness is the ending of karmic patterns that have kept us captive for lifetimes; it is the ending of time, of duality. Why wait till we die to claim our freedom? 


How can we do this? We have all tried manipulating our thoughts and emotions to conform to a spiritual or compassionate ideal and to be less judgemental. But this merely adds to our conflict against ourselves! 


In this workshop we will call on Eagle and our own power animal to guide us in reassembling our perception in absolute stillness beyond everyday mind, ruthlessly observing our conflicts with clear heart-seeing so that we can catch a glimpse through the circling of duality to its source. And then a totally different landscape comes into view. 


To explore what is happening we will practice a technique of shamanic alchemy which can transform our worst adversaries and resistant habits into allies and resources. It takes us directly to the root of forgiveness where judgements and conflicts against ourselves and others can spontaneously shift into self-realisation and fresh energy. 


Absolute unconditional forgiveness happens here in the space of non-duality, where self and 'not-self', light and shadow dissolve into emptiness. It carries the infinite healing power of sadness which can break open our hearts and bring a lifetime of suffering to an end. 


This is our practice and the beginning of who we truly are.


So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing - TS Eliot 'Four Quartets'




Chile, 19 - 26 January 2014 with Marcela Lobos 

Skydancing: the art of embodied emptiness


This retreat offers an experience of profound transformation through tracking emotions back to their source in emptiness where they become pure fuel for creativity. Through intent, meditation, and spontaneous movement you will claim your freedom of expression, and unfold the luminous potential that expresses your soul's dream.


Learn to master the art of listening to empty space, unfolding invisible feelings within the luminous body before they crystallise in the physical body. We hold the mystery, not knowing, until it becomes magic. When self consciousness becomes timeless awareness energy, power and presence is born.


Through this effortless listening you will naturally enter ego-less states of being: innocence, reverence, grace, bliss. Freedom comes from this connection with non-self, emptiness. We become an instrument of perception. Perception becomes expression, emptiness becomes dance.




Athens, Greece 13 - 14 October 2012 

Eagle Medicine: Presence as Destiny

'Then comes a moment of feeling the wings you've grown lifting.' - Rumi 


This workshop is about bringing together all that we know and returning to the source of not knowing. How can we live so that our days can be conscious of themselves, and so that we can be carriers of timelessness in spite of the time-dragging turmoil around us? We have our healing gifts, our unique skills, a certain fluidity of movement between visible and invisible worlds, the demands of our everyday lives and a hypnotic 'reality' collapsing around us. How can we bring together in ongoing sacred space all our potential, our capacity for awakened seeing, our training and commitment and creativity, to unfold our real wings and stay present? 


Through the practise of not knowing we strengthen our energetic alignment with the power of intent, with our own wisdom lineages and we facilitate the dissolving of fear. Recapitulating our consciousness skills we will discover how to maintain a flowing stillness in creative interaction, in movement, in healing and meditation. We will track for any stubborn old patterns of self-sabotage or self-hypnosis that keep us stuck in who we were, in disempowerment, exposing the illusion of incompleteness, working on each other to fine tune our 'seeing' in soul retrieval and other healing skills. We will share specific transmissions that can empower and renew our energy and seed our new awareness into our night time dreams. Thus we prepare ourselves to navigate more skilfully the complex flow of the times to come, permitting the full potential of our soul presence to guide us beyond our understanding onto a wholly new destiny line. 



1 - 12 July Sacred Valley, Peru with Marcela Lobos Advanced shamanic initiations 



Napoli, Italy 27 - 29 April 2012 

la Pienezza dal Vuoto: Un esplorazione del silenzio interiore attraverso la pratica mistica e sciamanica



'Immergersi direttamente nel momento in cui siamo ora, con tutto il nostro essere, senza esitazioni, noia o eccitazione, questa  l'illuminazione' - Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche 

'Usa la tua luce per tornare alla fonte di luce. Questa si chiama la pratica dell'eternita' - Lao Tse 


In questo workshop si intraprende un viaggio interiore alla scoperta del silenzio profondo. Il vuoto  uno stato dell'essere in cui si raccoglie spontaneamente in un attualit non temporale, l'energia dell'anima frammentata nel tempo. Il vuoto diventa la pienezza assoluta: l'estasi spirituale del mistico e l'illuminazione liberatrice dello sciamano. 


Si seguir un filo comune che collega le tradizioni mistica e sciamanica, aprendoci al vuoto attraverso il movimento, l' immobilita, il respiro e la danza. Sul percorso mistico si esplora la danza meditativa dei dervishi. 

Entrando nel vuoto attraverso la via sciamanica, invece, utilizzeremo varie tecniche per sciogliere la rigidità della mente ipnotizzata da un' identità fissa nel tempo, l'ego e la paura. Si rivela il corpo luminoso. Sognare ad occhi aperti un metodo molto semplice per scoprire un identita fluida fuori dal tempo, con un immediato effetto di silenzio interiore e uno scioglimento delle insicurezze psicologiche. Il silenzio interiore non e assenza di disturbo, ma assenza di paura. Con la liberazione dell' inquietudine della mente, il vuoto può diventare un punto di riferimento unico per la navigazione e l'espressione creativa dell'anima, svegliandoci dall'illusione, profondamente radicata, di incompletezza. Il vuoto si rivela come la consapevolezza piena e noi gli strumenti della sua espressione.





Athens, Greece 3 - 4 March 2012 

Hummingbird medicine: Stillness at the edge of madness


'I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope 
For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love, 
For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith 
But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting. 
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought: 
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing' 
TS Eliot 'Four Quartets' 

'There will only ever be one single way to put a real step forward  which is in a state of ecstasy that takes us out of ourselves. This is how it always has been and will be for each of us; and this also is how it is for the whole' - Peter Kingsley 'A story waiting to pierce you'


In this workshop we align our intent with the invisible forces that are taking us forward individually and globally. We are all carriers of the collective madness but through our discipline of stillness we can become alchemists, transforming the massive wave of insecurity around us into an ongoing awakening energy. Even the smallest action that arises out of aligned intent ripples beyond time far beyond our comprehension. Our aim is to become the ground that others can rest on even when in fear or conflict. 


We will practice the tools that we need to embody 'Satyagraha', a Sanskrit word used by Ghandi meaning 'soul force' or 'truth force' and awaken the powers within us that have been waiting for the call. We call on the creative power of our own madness at the edge of our identity. Taking many different paths into stillness (absence of fear, of thought, of identity) we explore how stillness can dissolve the consensus trance around us, how to practice stillness during interactions and how to create stillness or trance in others. We will do a 'Cuti Despacho' a Q'ero ceremony to clear negative energy (sorcery). And we will hold space for the unknown becoming to emerge freely. 




Athens, Greece 19 - 20 November 2011 

Hummingbird: The medicine of Stillness 


'Love is movement out of stillness' - Manuel Schoch 



Now more than ever we need to be in an ongoing flow of communication with stillness, our out-of-time wisdom and inner guides, to help us keep our balance and safely, heartfully navigate the chaos around us.


We will practise stopping the inner dialogue at will and maintain this inner silence effortlessly with a focused Intent from a space out of reach of the critical mind. In order to accomplish this we will also work on cleansing our connection with Intent. 


We will tune into our guides and the wisdom keepers of our lineages in this life and past lives to receive their healing and support. And we will enter the space of stillness through many different doorways to enliven our capacity for flowing observation in any context, dissolving habits of effort, rigidity and separation. On the way we will clear out any remaining shadows of unfinished emotions in the luminous energy of the solar plexus (hummingbird chakra) especially frozen sadness and regrets, so that the flow of energy to the heart is undisturbed. Through stillness the heart naturally communicates our soul wisdom as the atmosphere of love. 


'To be in stillness means being in total insecurity with no reaction, no knowing and total observation. Observing something and staying with it is the process of love'  Manuel Schoch


'Simply plunging directly into the moment now, with our whole being, free from hesitation, boredom or excitement, is enlightenment' - Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche 





Spirit Flight: the Journey Home 

Athens, 4 - 5th June 2011 10.30am - 6pm 

'Use your own light and return to the source of light. This is called practicing eternity' -  Lao Tse 


The mystics say that to be truly alive we need to re-learn the ancient art of dying before we die. Shamanic traditions call this coming out of life alive. For shamans the encounter with death as a visionary journey is the pre-requisite to stepping beyond fear and the limitations of the everyday mind. The 'ego' can never step outside of time because it only exists in time. To meet the timeless self requires surrender of the controlling mind, a kind of death. 



This workshop explores the dying process as a source of ongoing healing, as 'letting go', and as an experiential visionary journey. The Spirit Flight involves a shift in consciousness often felt as a literal separation from the physical body, an out of body experience, and entry into a different quality dimension. Many people who have had a 'near death experience' describe a similar state of being: a sense of oneness, bliss, love, peace. Once we have reconnected the luminous pathways of the mind between the worlds there is no more fear of the end of life. The root of fear dissolves into the source of light. 


'Death is the side of life that is turned away from us and not illuminated. We must try to achieve the greatest possible consciousness of our existence, which is at home in both these immeasurable realms, and inexhaustibly nourished by both. There is neither a this-world nor another-world, but only the great unity'. - Rilke 


The West: Jaguar Medicine: Fearlessness, recapitulation and 'seeing'

Athens 2 - 3 April 2011, 10.30 - 6pm @ Tune In, Poliklitou 1 (Vissis), Monastiraki 

Jaguar cleans up shadow energy and especially fear. In Quechua (the language of the Peruvian Q'ero) this dark heavy energy that hangs around us especially generated by fear or by the unfinished past is called 'Hoocha'. Jaguar enables us to transform this energy into light or 'Sami', awareness and power. The Jaguar sits in the hara and acts as a protector and guardian. We need to do our homework and step beyond our fears and personal history in order to create a strong relationship with Jaguar.

We will train using Jaguar energy to dissolve the shadow vibration of fear, insecurity and self consciousness. We will work from many different angles to clear imprints of old reactions, memories, relationships and unfinished emotions connected with fear. This includes working on current life, past life and ancestral patterns and, always at an energy level, fear-based emotions such as shame, jealousy, guilt, resentment and self pity.

As we experience fearlessness the hara becomes a centre of awareness which has a direct connection with seeing/knowing and with the brow chakra (third eye). We will practice techniques to balance these two chakras. We clean our Intent so that the everyday mind does not blur our capacity as seers. This leads us towards the work of Hummingbird (the North direction) where we will create inner silence and maintain it at will. 

We will practice recapitulation, a shamanic technique for completing personal stories to allow all our energy to be fully up to date and present in the moment. Finally we will learn and practice two transmissions of the Munay Ki, the rites of initiation gifted by the Q'ero. These are the protective Bands of Power and the Seer's Rite, which opens the neurological networks connecting the brow chakra, brain and heart.




5 - 6 Feb Sydney, Australia. Spirit flight: the journey home

12 Feb Sydney. Unravelling time: Soul Retrieval and Sufi Whirling 

19 - 20 Feb Nelson, NZ. Spirit flight: the journey home. The art of dying as healing

27 Feb Nelson, NZ. Unravelling time: Soul Retrieval and Sufi Whirling 

1st April, 8 - 10pm Shamanic Dance Healing @ Tune In, Poliklitou 1 (Vissis) Monastiraki

2 - 3 April Athens, Greece. Jaguar Medicine: Fearlessness, recapitulation and 'seeing' 

4 - 5 June Athens, Greece. Spirit Flight: the Journey Home. The art of dying as healing 

17 - 18 September Athens, Munay-Ki 

19 - 20 November Athens, Hummingbird: the medicine of Stillness 





31 Jan Lewes, UK. Shamanic skills for inner stillness and creative expression 


6 - 7 Feb Athens, Greece. Actors weekend 

13 - 14 Feb Athens, Greece. Relationship skills 


27 - 28 Feb Sydney, Australia. Introductory workshop: Shamanic skills for Personal Power and Healing 


6 - 7 March Sydney, Australia. Masterclass: Healing the Healer 


13 - 14 March Blue Mountains, Australia. Emptiness + Expression = Magic: Shamanic skills for space holding 

9 May Equilibrium centre, Lewes, UK, Introductory Evening: Shamanic Gazing techniques 

22 - 23 May Zu Studios, Lewes, UK, Journeying: the dream body in healing and creative expression 

5 - 6 June Athens, Working with the ancestors, Greece 

2 - 3 October Athens, Serpent Power and Freedom from the Past: Healing workshop 

27 - 28 November Athens, Serpent Power and Freedom from the Past in Creative expression 





31 Jan - 1 Feb Athens, Greece. Dropping the mask: shamanic skills for actors 

7 - 8 Feb Athens, Greece. Shamanic energy medicine: reclaiming personal power 

7 - 8 March Los Angeles, CA. Presence, Perception and Empty Space. Workshop for actors.

14 March Hampstead Theatre, London. Introduction to shamanic skills for actors. 

21 March October Gallery Holborn, London, WC1 and 22 March Rosslyn Hill Chapel, Hampstead. Shamanic energy medicine. 

9 - 10 May Athens, Greece. Workshop for actors. 

16 - 17 May Athens, Greece. Soul Retrieval. 

5 - 12 July 5th International Festival of Making Theatre, Athens: Seeing between the lines 

7 - 8 November Athens, Greece. The Dying Process

14 - 15 November Athens, Greece. 'Who can tell the dancer from the dance?' Shamanic skills for Actors and Dancers 


20 Jan Oxford, UK. Voicing the heart

2 - 3 Feb Athens, Greece. Space in Mind and Heart: Ancient and Modern Healing Skills 

14 - 16 March Saltspring Island, BC Canada. Introduction to working with the luminous body and alchemy of emotions 


12 - 13 April Athens, Greece. Path of the Sacred Healer 

13 - 16 Sept Amorgos, Greece. Shamanic skills for healing


27 - 28 Sept Athens, Greece. Shamanic Healing practice weekend 

9 Nov Hampstead, London. An introduction to shamanic techniques for self-healing

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