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Do you know what whirling is? It is unfolding one's existence, continuously tasting the everlasting existence in the absolute non-existence’ - Rumi

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Unravelling Time:

Soul Retrieval and Sufi Whirling

Whirling is an ancient Sufi practice for creating inner stillness, ecstasy and communion with the Beloved. Aided by centrifugal force this meditative dance firmly anchors us on the earth and at the same time frees us to empty ourselves into Presence. 

Soul Retrieval is an ancient shamanic practice for recollecting aspects of our potential that may have become lost through trauma or simply been unsupported over time and unexpressed. When we discover and reclaim these aspects of our own unique wisdom, which are like energy codes of missing information, our sense of completeness returns. This frees us from the fragmentation of time. 


Through the journey of soul retrieval we gather our full potential back from the past. Through the whirling we create a new axis of stillness.


Peeling time away we naturally return to the centre of the cycle of becoming. 


'At the still point, there the dance is... 
Except for the point, the still point, 
There would be no dance, and there is only the dance'  

- T S Eliot

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