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 3 - 9 AUGUST 2018 


Our revels now are ended. These our actors, 

As I foretold you, were all spirits and 

Are melted into air, into thin air - Prospero

In this contemporary shamanic performance, poetry, music and Sufi whirling take the audience on an intimate experiential journey into the space beyond our visible time-spun world. 

‘To comprehend the visibility of the invisible is a life's work' - Peter Brook

Spinning threads of perception between visible and invisible space the whirling unravels a sense of belonging beyond all longing, inviting the audience into a meeting with the unknowable, sometimes called surrender, or in the language of the mystics: ecstasy.


Beyond wanting, beyond time, there 'thin air' is. There the Beloved is. At the still centre of the whirling world there the dance is.

The dance creates this quality of patience out of nothing, impresses with waiting for nothing the mind's pressure to endlessly move towards something, to want something. Then suddenly the ecstasy comes out of the nothingness, so overwhelming a liberation from the small space of self that one is ready to give up all the other wanting for that new greater end of want. 

If you are the dreamer, I am what you dream.
But when you want to wake, I am your wish,
and I grow strong with all magnificence
and turn myself into a star's vast silence
above the strange and distant city, Time - Rilke


This show is dedicated in loving memory to Vicos Nahmias (1951 - 2015) Sufi master and poet of the unsayable. In his gentle and generous modesty the heart-wisdom of the true Witness shone out.


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