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Helen Fost is a dancer,  writer and shamanic practitioner. She created Temenos Theatre as an experiment in Shamanic Theatre in 2005 and has written and performed solo performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Avignon, and Naples Italy. She has taught Shamanic techniques to actors in London, Los Angeles and in Athens, Greece (International Festival of the Theatre of Changes).  


She studied with contemporary shaman Alberto Villoldo in the US, trained in altered and ecstatic states with shamans in the Amazon and in Europe, and trained in meditation and healing for twenty years with Swiss mystic Manuel Schoch. 

She has been involved in collaborations and research in experimental theatre with 'Arte e Movimento', and 'Utopia:440' in Italy; with director Vicos Nahmias in Greece who also trained her in Sufi whirling, with 'Unstructured Light' in the UK. She studied archetypal theatre with Enrique Pardo and 'Pantheatre' in France. 

Her aim is to recreate through theatre an experience of the 'seeing' beyond everyday mind, which is the essence of the shamanic and mystic experience, to offer a glimpse through the gap between worlds. 

Each performance is a dream-weaving, an initiation and a sacred prayer. It is a contemporary homage to the healing wisdom of medicine men and women of all times, and the mystic transmissions of every culture. It's final goal is to dissolve the boundaries between spiritual practice and entertainment, between actor and spectator, between medicine and magic.


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