Self Reflection: A Journey Through the Elements
and Shamanic Medicine Wheel
Paddock Studios Lewes Fridays 7 - 9pm
30th September - 2nd December 2022     with Hannah Hill and Helen Fost 

The course is divided into two parts.

In the first half of term with Hannah Hill we will explore our inner and outer experience of the elements through visualisation, drawing and mixed media, working with mandalas to discover how our sensory experience of the elements can inform and enrich our creative awareness and flow. 



In the second half we will take the shamanic medicine wheel as a map with which to explore in various media opening the gates of perception with a special focus on spontaneity, stillness and visionary 'seeing'. 

Helen Fost created Temenos Theatre in 2005 as an experiment in Shamanic Theatre and has written and performed a series of solo shows and taught Shamanic techniques for actors and artists in the US, France and Greece. She trained in shamanic healing and archetypal theatre and studied visionary art with Robert Venosa.